Why Arizona is a Top Travel Destination

Choosing the perfect vacation destination can be tricky, but Arizona is high on the list for many of today’s travelers — and for good reason. According to Jack Bonner, the president ofA2W, and a traveling aficionado, Arizona is a state featuring huge contrasts. It is in these contrasts that you can find the type of natural beauty and wonder that will make you want to return time and time again.

Bonner also also for five happy years as head of Community Relations/public relations for the city of Tucson, had three TV shows and a radio show carried by five radio stations, “The Topic of Tucson”-so he knows whereof he has literally lived.

Jack Bonner at A2W first founded the firm Bonner & Associates in 1984 — the first American firm devoted to grasstop and grassroots organizing. He later started A2W with the goal of helping both individuals and companies to achieve their goals through third-party-advocacy efforts. He has successfully conducted efforts in all 50 states, but Arizona is one of those states that has a special charm you simply cannot find in the others. It is also the state where he gladly attended school: He is excited to this day about graduating from the University of Arizona.

In Arizona, you will find forests, desert, and snow, all in the same state. The benefit of going to Arizona is that more than likely, the weather will work with you — not against you — no matter what your vacation plans are. One of the biggest perks of heading to Arizona is that you will have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon, considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You can explore this majestic wonder in your own unique way, whether that means getting to the South Rim by using the Grand Canyon Railway — just like visitors did in the early 1900s — or even renting a bike and taking a bicycle trip along this rim. You can even hike to the bottom of this grand canyon.

The Sonoran Desert is another highlight of the Grand Canyon State. This desert covers the state’s southern half and is home to several species of eye-catching animals, ranging from the javelina and coyotes to roadrunners and hummingbirds. If you love adventure, you can take advantage of the opportunity to hike trails that stretch hundreds of miles through the desert.

History lovers will also enjoy learning more about this state’s ancient history. For example, you can visit the “great house,” or the casa grande, of the Hohokam during a visit to the Casa Grande National Monument. At Montezuma Castle National Monument, you can also catch a glimpse of the cliff dwellings that belonged to the Sinagua — a pre-Colombian culture. You can also see the Sunset Crater Volcano firsthand; this volcano’s eruption centuries ago most likely enabled the Sinagua to live nearby, on one of the lowest, warmest, and driest parts of the Colorado Plateau. Whether you visit Arizona in the heat of the summer or in the cool of the winter in the North, you can rest assured that you can find sunshine, palm trees, interesting cultural history, and some of the most serene and aesthetically pleasing natural scenery anywhere in the United States, and even the world.

Bonner loves Arizona, that is his daughter’s legal name is literally “Arizona”.